Business Plan

On this page you will find the Business Plan. This is the version presented at the Share Launch in October 2017. Later versions of the financial statements are available upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact

Charles Matts
mobile: 07966 363997
email: charles@creatonvillageshop.co.uk


Richard Hollingum
mobile: 07887 652599
email: richard@creatonvillageshop.co.uk



Please note that these are PDF files and you will need a suitable viewer to read them. A common reader is Adobe Acrobat.

Business Plan

Appendix 1
Questionnaire, December 2016, Results and Form, March 2017

Appendix 2a
Location Site Plan

Appendix 2b
Floor Plan & Elevations

Appendix 3
Management Committee details

Appendix 4
Creaton Community Benefit Society Rules

Appendix 5
Risk Register 

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